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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CORY WEB DESWeb developers are responsible for the creation of company websitesPROGRAMMERIT programmers design applications by writing the code that instructs computers to perform specific functions. Roles &Responsibilitie s INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAs Technology is constantly changing,updating, and advancing, there are somany different roles, and responsibilitiesthat can differentiate. Work Enivronment Technical support specialist, always improving, changing, learning, and advancing in technology. Commonly works in slow-paced environments - you musthave patients to work in this field. Information Technology is 75% waiting and 25% acting. However there are almost alwaysmore and more things to work on as technology is always advancing and improving. Updates to be dispatched etc. Always good to possess extra qualifications! Certification s A+ CNNA CompTIA CCAR MCA, MCPD CISA Cisco ACA ESE HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. : Programming Languages. Possible Skills nformation Technology -Related Professions Directory of Technology Project ManagerNetwork AdministratorSoftware DeveloperCustomer Relations / Technical Support More Skills Economic Standpoint HTML, CSS, Java, C, C++C#, JavaScript, LUA, PawnSQL, JQuery, VPN, UnixLinux, Active Dir., TCP/IPCMS, VOIP, Customer Rel. An ongoing advancement inthis occupation, leads to an increasing job demand. Job Outlook GOO D Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)ITT Tech (ITTT)University of Wyoming (UWYO) SCHOOLS UNDERGRAD.REQUIERMENTS 1 Year HS Physics1 Year HS ChemistryMath upto Calculus2 Years Foreign Language4 Years English2 Years History and/or Social Sciences Volunteer Opportunities CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION Recommended Sites to Advertise on: For more information: GOODWIN Troubleshooting proficiencyExceptional telephone etiquettePatient and diligentWindows XP/7 DHCP/DNS Ethernet and firewall proficientMicrosoft Office ExpertTechnical Help Desk Expert CTO - $178,400Project Manager - $116,090Network Admin - $77,910Software Developer - $92,820Support Representative - $53,660 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. i. Earn a bachelors degree (4 year program) suggested to earn a degree in computer science, mathematics, or another technology related field.ii. Find out what job in IT you would like to do, and take minor in relative courses to that job. i.e ; Web Design: HTML, Consultation Skills, CSS, PHP. iii. Apply for an internship with Microsoft to gain a reference / possible future job / experience.iv. Take part in annual technology webinar's and or training meetings.v. Ensure your certifications are up-to-date.
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