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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TECHNOLOGY. FOR IT AGAINST IT We would never loose touchwith friens or family , because we have facebook. y. We are always distracted by social media.If we aredistracted , we understandless , remember less , and we learn less . There is little evidence thatsocial media is responsiblefor a trend of isolation , or a loss of intimacy and social support . Today , Google is the new technology. The internet containsthe world's best writing , images ,and ideas ; Google lets us findthe relevant instantly. Writing has improved our law , science , arts , culture , and our memory . What really makes us intelligent isn't our ability to find lots of information quickly. Its our ability to think deeply about that information. These distractions can have deadly consequences , as when cellphone-wielding drivers and train engineers cause wrecks. 1.) 2.) 3.) 3.) 2.) 1.) 4.) You will never think deeply if you're always Googling,texting , and surfing the web . 4.) 5.) When you are using the internet ,you get a boost of dopamine . Scientist are finding out that spending too much time on technology isbad for your brain cells . 5.) Technology isnt a good thing. It doesnt allow us to do many things.We wont ever want to rememberanything because we can alwaysgo look it back up. We get so attachedto the things we do online , that we never have time for family , or friends. were always online . Which is anotherto communicate , but its better to talk topeople face to face , instead of online. If weget so attached to talking to people online ,then we wont have any social skills . Most people are against technology today in 2015 .
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