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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TEA Roles & Responsibilities Provide required information and perform analysis of various accruals to determine deductibility (incurred vs. non incurred) * Perform system readiness for TEA process* New user and profiles set up * Roll over opening balances for the new period* Extraction and verification of data from HFM and upload to OTP* Validation of accounting data uploaded into OTP (net profit before tax, net assets) at the sub-group levels specified in the process* Governance over changes to system * Updates - ensure changes made to source system are filtered through to OTP , update mapping templates* Manage change requests - ensure appropriate business manager has approved the change, configure and implement the change and provide the appropriate environment for UAT prior to migration of any change to the product environment* Work with software vendor, Lion IT and Lion Tax to initiate, perform and test upgrades* Business partner with Lion Tax & GFR GFR Financial Accounting TeamComplete the GFR Tax Adjustment Work papers by the due date - providing quality tax analysis for financial accounting based adjustments in line with the objectives of the TEA and Statutory processEnsure significant transactions/one-time items are reflected accurately in information provided to Lion Tax. Business partner with tax reviewer through the TEA process to actively resolve queries/issues, provide additional information to Lion Tax for analysis and regular status updates. Attend and participate in TEA capability sessions organisedContribute towards the ongoing improvements of the TEA processPerform appropriate leader review of GFR Tax Work papers to ensure quality and completeness of information submitted GFR Finance ManagersParticipate in significant transactions/one-time item discussionsEnsure timely preparation and communication of accounting papers for significant transactions incorporating business impact and input from wider financeGFR Fixed Assets Reporting TeamParticipate in significant transactions/one-time items discussions Ensure significant transactions/one-time items have been reflected accurately in the information provided to Lion TaxOwnership of Fixed Assets tax schedule and delivery to Lion Tax on time and to quality GFR Group Accounting TeamSchedule and lead the significant transactions meetings (quarterly at a minimum). Incorporate TEA milestones/deliverables in the broader Stat timetable to ensure alignmentProvide consolidation and statutory adjustments booked into HFMCommunicate to Technical Support Team and Lion Tax (via when financial accounting numbers are ready for extraction from HFM system * Set and lead TEA timetable taking into consideration the Stat timetable to ensure the two timetables align* Refresh Lion Keys and conduct TEA training * Refresh Tax Adjustment Work papers templates * Proactively business partner with GFR to meet TEA and wider Financial Reporting obligations* Participate in significant transactions/one-time items discussions * Complete tax technical adjustments on a group basis* Upload of tax adjustments into OTP* Deliver TEA deliverables* Holistic review of group tax calculation and reporting * Coordinate final review by auditors* Lead ongoing improvements of the TEA process
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