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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our experts will aid you in: Gap analysisDeveloping a vision and implementation road map and components of the TCoELaunching a governance mechanism Communicating regularly at all organizational levels to ensure smooth project implementation and completion NEC Advantage Reduced Time-to-Market Maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI)Minimum production support costs Higher customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance Key Solution Drivers Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) Benefits Lower disruptions to Business-as-Usual (BAU) services by employing our 120 day TCOE set up plan and accelerated transition frameworkStandardize and predict deliverables through our Test Tailoring methodology / approach / templatesAssured continuity and quality of delivery through Knowledge Management (KM) ProcessesReduced overheads by augmenting Best Practices and ideas throughout the projects and programsBuild testing efficiencies and save overall cost by 30% by continuously improving test coverage, test accuracy, and productivity via Kaizen and Six Sigma initiatives Accelerate test design and ensured test coverage of both functional and user acceptance tests by using our domain specific ready-to-use test packs, Mind maps, and business process maps Higher defect prevention rate by early defect identification, verification, and validation using shift-left approachReduced QA costs Mitigate Business RiskIncrease QualityDecrease Costs Leverage Automation
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