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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Consequences of being in the position of needing to receive or provide support (I-23) Knowing when andhow to offer orend support (I-32)LINKS I21, I22, I23 Match betweenwhat the systemsare set up to do and what they actually achieve (I-26) Communicationdoesn't justhappen; establishing connection and coordinating supports (I-25) LINKING CODEAdvice and support appropriate for the individual and their lifestyleLINKS I10 & connection/communication LINKING CODEBeing around people I can trust and be intimate withLINKS I25 and I23 Recognising, acknowledging, believing, understanding(I-8) LINKING CODERealising recovery takes timeLINKS I15 and I8 Allowing for the course of recovery(I-15) Knowing what support I can have and why it is or is not being provided(I-30) LINKING CODENeeding others to recognise symptomsLINKS I12 and I21 LINKING CODEWrenched from normal lifeLINKS I12 and I11 Making sense(I-11) Someone neeeds to drive theprocess (I-12) Doing help(I-22) Being looked out for (I-21) Brain injurydoesn't existin isolation(I-20) LINKING CODEImpact of recovery taking time LINKS I10, I4 and I20 Tension betweenlife on hold andkeeping up withlife(I-4) Competing demands and expectations of support (I-29) Invisibilityof TBI(I-33) LINKING CODEDelivery of information; Telling isn't necessarily communicating LINKS I25, I3 and I28 Complexityof acceptance(I-27) Processing theimpact of theincident and the injury(I-31) Allowing meto change what I normally do to manage [symptoms and recover](I-7) LINKING CODETaking/implementingadvice isn't easyLINKS I7 & I10 Lack ofcertainty (I-5) Complicated by the tangle of brain injury symptoms (I-24) Scope of knowledge and expertise fitting needs(I-28) Scope of knowledge andexpertise fitting needs(I-28) How life experiences, life roles, spirituality and sense of self contribute to how you manage(I-10) LINKING CODENeeding others to pushLINKS I12 and I10 How I appear toothers(I-14) Information/support access/gathering(I-3)
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