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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2nd Runner-up TASC Service IMPACT Winners December 2014 TASC Service IMPACT Winners - December 2014 Star fisheries Pvt. Ltd. holding a CA with us had received a SBLC from North African Bank (NAB) in Tunisia. Vandana advised the client to get SBLC confirmed from any other Bank which is in lines with Kotak Bank. Hence, it got confirmation from Deutsche Bank, however due to non-receipt of any details, Vandana requested their Trade team to share the confirmed SBLC at the earliest. She also followed up rigorously with the Trade, Credit, Legal teams & arranged for Business head approvals to proceed with the OD limit extension for the client on priority as he was in an urgent need of funds for manufacturing operations. In spite of being the first SBLC case for Delhi Trade team, Vandana managed the execution of clients request within 5 working days. It was a learning for the Bank executives to handle such scenarios in future & her efforts were truly appreciated. Roshan Events Group was a newly formed association which wasnt registered under Societys act. Shivakanth R assisted them in the registration process & ensured that the registration was done within the given deadline. Being it a Herculean task to complete the entire documentation of 6 associations wherein all the HNI Authorized Signatories are different in the each association, Shivakanth R executed the account opening in just 2 days. With sheer speedy & timely delivery of services rendered by Shivakanth R, we have become their sole banker. The client was overwhelmed as Shivakanth R had gone an extra mile to assist in the registration process which would have been ideally completed in a weeks time. # The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. # The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. Amrish Shetty has both INR & USD account with us. He needed 4500 USD for his trip to Sri Lanka & Maldives in Kochi as he was travelling to Kochi on December 24 although his salary was supposed to be credited in his First Rand Bank (FRB) account on December 22, 2014 in Mumbai.He requested Meghna Jain to coordinate with FRB team for USD remittance processing to be done on December 22 itself for the funds availability & further arrange cash withdrawal in Kochi on December 24. Meghna managed to receive the salary credit in his Kotak account on December 23 itself. However, due to a USD cash withdrawal service for diplomats being limited to Vasant Vihar & Ambadeep branch only in New Delhi, Meghna arranged for necessary approval as an exception for cash withdrawal in Kochi branch. Finally, the client received his USD with full support provided by Meghna & Kochi branch.
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