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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2nd Runner-up TASC Service IMPACT Winners - January 2015 # The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. # The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. Tulip Society was struggling to meet its school expenditure with regards to paying the salaries to their staff due to the year-end & this turned to be an opportunity of offering an unsecured BL from Aditya Reddy T Ss end. Being a Society account, it was a challenge to collect all the requisite documents from all the Society members in a day. Further, Aditya also visited the CA office in order to collect the ITRs of the Society members & finally arranged the sanction letter within mere 3 days resulting in building high trust in banking with us.VOC: We thank you for your support, when we needed it the most. We are proud with our decision of starting a banking relationship with your bank. Global Constructions Pvt. Ltd. had initiated a RTGS transaction of Rs. 22,20,000/- to Paresh Gupta (Canara Bank account holder) with a wrong account number. Post-credit of the said amount in an incorrect beneficiarys account, the client was highly tensed & approached Pritesh Pandey for a speedy solution. Pritesh straightaway visited the corresponding Bank & submitted all the necessary documents such as copies of the RTGS transaction, cheque, per their requirement. Further, Canara Bank transferred the said amount into the correct beneficiarys account & the client was delighted with such exemplary services rendered by Pritesh. He was overjoyed & distributed sweets to the Bank officials along with introducing few Savings accounts to the Bank. Our customer Ryan International School published selling of their LKG admission forms in January 2015 through a local newspaper. It was then that Chandan Kaushik managed to convince the School Principal along with the Treasurer to do it online and accept payment through our Payment Gateway even though they were unfamiliar with such an online alternative. Lastly, the advertisement was published by the School for the online forms being available. In the meanwhile, Chandan completed the necessary formalities in sheer 4 days. Both the Principal & the Treasurer appreciated Chandans promptness as they were able to sell more than 6500 online forms as compared to the usual 2500 forms filled in the past. This resulted in an enhancement of their banking relationship with us.
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