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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty Without the Compass, the Europeanswould not have discovered the New World The fire lance was an early form of the gun, and consisted of a bamboo pole that shot clay balls or firecrackers using gunpowder When using coal to heat iron, the Chinese realized that the carbon mixing with the iron created steel Porcelain was usually made out of white clay, and designs were painted in blue Some famous poets from the Tang dynasty include Du Fu and Gunpowder was an explosive powder'discovered by the Chinese, use to make fire lances and firecrackers STEEL PORCELAIN POETRY THE COMPASS GUNPOWDER FIRE LANCES In ancient China, I believe that the Song Dynasty made better technological advances that the Tang Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty, the compass was invented. The compass was a tool that sailors used to navigate when they were at sea. Later, the Europeans used the compass to find their way to the new world. The Song peoplealso invented gunpowder and the fire lance, which was an early form of gun. They used these specialized weapons to destroy their enemies in battle, and later the Europeans invented the modern gun, and the cannon, and used them to wage war on the world. So even though the Tang Dynasty did bring around some big achievements, like steel, I still think that the Song Dynasty made the biggest technological advances of their time. Max Lantz
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