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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anne Frank and Me Book by: Cherie BennettTimeline by: Samantha Heydari Nicole is your average teenager going to an American high school. She has a blog where she expresses the frustrations of her life. Nicole went on a field trip to the Holocuast Museum and is given the assignment to act as if you were Jewish teenagers during the Holocuast. Once give the assignment, Nicole's attention is brought to the sounds of screaming and gunfire. When she tries to see what all the ruckus was about when she got knocked unconscious. When Nicole woke up, it was no longer the year 2001 but instead it was 1942, she is not in America anymore, instead she is in Paris. She has to accept the fact that 2001 was probably just a figment of her imagination and she takes the role as Nicole Bernhardt, a Jewish teenager. When Nicole's family is betrayed and their hiding places was discovered. Her and her family are shipped to Auschwitz. While Nicole is aboard the train to Auschwitz, she meets Anne Frank. When she tries to confront Anne Frank about her diary, Anne claims to have left it in her hiding place. Nicole is saved from being killed to being sent to a slave labor camp. But after discovering that her sister Liz-Bette is ill which means that they will be split up, Nicole begs for them to let her stay with her sister. Nicole and her sister went to the showers where they both died together. Nicole wakes up on a museum bench and discovered that someone set off fireworks and she hit her head. 🚂 Nicole is back in 2001 and her and her sister are still alive. 👭 🙍🏻
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