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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Physician Scorecard "The strength of the hospital is each individual surgeon. The strength of each surgeon is the hospital." The operating room is the backbone of a hospitals revenue. There is an abundanceof information and data that pertains to theefficiency and productivity of each operation performed, and it should be analyzed for the benefit of the hospital, surgeon, and ultimately the patient. At Syus, Inc., we mesh our healthcare knowledge with ourknowledge of IT to help hospitals obtainits operational improvements. The aggregated data that will be used to support the Physician Scorecard was selected based on several key factors thatwill help translate data to information andinformation into action, particularly as it pertains to a hospitals surgeon. However,technology itself wont increase efficiency and productivity alone. Thats why the Physician Scorecard puts the physician at the forefront of the tool. The modifications that are made bysurgeons in areas of poor performancewill increase positive patient outcomesand drive satisfaction through greaterproductivity. Also, each operation willfunction more efficiently to help drivedown costly delays and after-hour cases. Ultimately, through these improvements,the hospital will gain more patients dueto its surgeon's high performance. Providing such a composite score will createa learning tool that will lead to continual improvement within the operating room forthe hospital's patients. This informative analysis, across hospital and national levels,will give insight towards any areas of poor performance. Surgeons will be able to drivetowards results with a focused strategicmetric that will motivate him/her to developinto a better surgeon for the hospital's patients.
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