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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NOMINAL CLAUSES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Syntactic functions AdjectivalComplement-ation SUBORDINATE CLAUSES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Nominal clauses Yes-no interrogative Exclamative Nominal relative Bareinfinitive Ing- Subject DirectObject IndirectObject SubjectComplement Appositive PrepositionalComplement They're worried thatthe problem isserious. They say that theproblem is serious. NP postmodifier Their opinion is thatthe problem isserious. Their opinion, that theproblem is serious, was reiterated. It is certain that the problem is serious. That the problemis serious is certain. Your opinion aboutwhether you don't agreeis not welcome. No one revealedhow old she is. The question ishow old she is. The question,how old she is, shall not be uttered. They're not surehow old she is. How old she is was never mentioned. My first impression wasof how intricate the plotis. I didn't ask ifyou don't agree My question wasn'twhether youdon't agree Your opinion, whetheryou don't agree, wasn'teven asked. We aren't concerned whether you don'tagree. Whether you don't agreeis none of my business. I'm doubtful whetherit is true or not. I don't knowif it's true or notyet. My doubt is whetherit is true or not. My doubt, whether it istrue or not, is stillunanswered. I have my doubts aboutwhether it is true or not. Whether it is true or notcannot be affirmed yet. We shouldn't count onwhoever dislikes theweather. Extraposed Subject You wouldn't believehow intricate theplot is. It's astounding howintricate the plot is They were "busy" travelling abroad. Don't even consider whoever dislikesthe weather. Tell whoever dislikes theweather thatthey're not evenexpected. Her concern is whoeverdislikes the weather. Don't tell themwhat they're. Her concern, whoeverdislikes the weatherwill be absent, is not serious. Whoever dislikes the weather will not come. To bury your head in the sand will not help. She is determined toavoid burying herhead in the sand. Extraposed Subject She would haveconsidered it tobe a wise choice Failure to warn herwould have led to her burying her headin the sand again. It's a mistake to buryone's head in the sand. They lovetravelling abroad. Their discounts arefor travellingabroad only. Their slogan, "travelling abroadis the best holidayoption, was notfamiliar to me. They avoided everything butbreak the news. Travelling abroad isnot a waste of money. restricted to few verbs Verbless It's very nicetravelling abroad. Break the news was all they did. What they did wasbreak the news. They let her know the news. Extraposed Subject prepositions ofexception She doesn't want tobury her head inthe sand. My wish is for her not tobury her head in the sand. Her intention, to avoidburying her head inthe sand, was told twice. Appositive Noun complement Appositive Appositive The best holiday optionis travelling abroad. To-infinitive Appositive Extraposed Subject Appositive Appositive That- Alternative interrogative Wh-interrogative ObjectComplement They've no ideaabout how old she is. Functions within phrases
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