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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Friends Sylvia Sidney Ads Sources New in the 1920s "Fritz Lang was one of my dearest,dearest friends.I loved working with him." Information Luther Adler Fritz Lang She was born in New York CityShe was nicknamed:"The Women with the Heart-Shaped Face" and "The Saddest eyes in Hollywood."Religion - Jewish The Lace 1920's formal Prom Dress Whiting & Davis Grommet Clutch I just got rid of my jalopy for a new LincolnIts really the Bee's Knees. All of these movies are quite swell.I enjoy movies more than ever now since we are able to hear them, I find it to be very Hotsy Totsy. Band-Aid Bubblegum Listening to the radio has been really swell, especially listening to Jazz.Those musicians are the cat's meow. Hopefully soon I will become the Big Cheese around here.There are a ton of artists and musicians that are the bee's knees.I wonder if I could be an actor, I could be quite spiffy. So many cars, to choose from. Some of them are very spiffy, otherones are swell,and then there are just some that look like a jalopy. Its fun to be an actress.In the movies everyone seems to whoopee and say the films I am in are swell. I find that it's the berries to be the big cheese. Sometimes, I like to go to a joint and let myself loose.To feel just like a flapper, and to also have a whoopee of course. I must leave for now, I have to head out and find Fritz Lang. I might carry a torch just because he is the bee's knees whenever I am around him.
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