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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ms. Alexander's 5th Grade Math Syllabus Welcome to our 5th grade math website for our hybrid course! This site will be used in conjunction with face-to-face classroom instruction. Students will be expected tocomplete activities on this website when assigned. Activities have been designed to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. The website is a place to learn, to play, and to review! Website address: Learning Objectives:*Explain the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions*Place mixed numbers and improper fractions on a number line*Add mixed numbers with both like and unlike denominators*Subtract mixed numbers with both like and unlike denominators*Create real-life problems that incorporate adding and subtracting mixed numbers Course Materials:*Math Textbook: Math Expressions Grade 5, Volumes 1 & 2*Math Expressions Grade 5 Homework & Remembering *Composition Notebook*Computer with Internet access Please note: Arrangements can be made to complete online work in school if home computer/Internet access is an issue. Please contact me ASAP if there is a problem! Communication Policy: Communication is an essential part of our online course. Here are some general guidelines when structuring your posts: 1). Be Appropriate: Do not write anything that you wouldn't say in class! 2). Revise: Reread posts before submitting to ensure that word choices are appropriate and thinking is clear Communication with ME: In Person: * see me before or after math class * come visit me during lunch * make arrangements to visit before or after school Online: * e-mail me at * use discussion board to post questions about content or assignments * use "Contact Me" form on websiteCommunication with Classmates: * use discussion board to ask questions, to respond to others, and to work together Feeback: *Whether you post a question in the forum or write me an e-mail, I will respond within 24 hours *I will be monitoring the forum on a daily basis not only to answer questions, but to ensure comments remain courteous and appropriate *Assignments will be returned in a week's time, complete with comments from me to you Grading Policy:Multiple assignments/assessments will be given on each standard, so you will have several opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge!We will follow the Birmingham Public Schools standards-based grading policy: 85-100%: Mastered Standard 70-84%: Met Most of Standard 56-69% Working Toward Standard 0-55%: Below Standard
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