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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evolution is "descent withmodification". Modifitcation occurs when geneticvariability exists, and genetic variability is producedby mutation. Any genetic change in phenotype characters was called a mutation(Darwin 1859). Jaglions Jaglions Male Jaguar Hybrids Hybrids Female Lion By: Sydney Clapp Period 7 Jaglion The Lion and Jaguar aredifferent species of thesame genus, Panthera,in the family Felida there are only two jaglions in the world. The Jaglion has a Double Dna helix. They keep the Jaglionsin a zoo in Canada tohelp protect them fromanyone who will try to take and study thenew species. description: its body is solid dark tawny and the tail has a black tuft. melenism is a dominant trait. There are many different typesof hybrids in the Panthera family. Geographic barriers limit gene flow withinthe species. Consequences hybridizationcan be a less discussed way toward extinction than within detection of where a population liesalong the hybrids continuum. The dispute of hybridizationis how to manage the resulting hybrids. When a populations experiences hybridization with substantial introgression, there stillexists parent types in each set of individuals. Web Cited: Vocabulary to Know: hybrid-An offspring of twoanimals or plants of different breeds, varieties,species, or genera.Melanism gene- development of the dark-colored pigment melanin inthe skin or itsappendages Appendages-a thing that isadded or attached to something larger or moreimportant.Double Dna- strands linked by hydrogen bondsthat form a spiralconfiguration.
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