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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is AAC? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources A term used to describe how an individual uses a device to replace or supplementverbal speech. Since your son is alreadyusing a Vantage device to supplementhis speech, he can utilize different switches to assit in his communication. Characteristicsof control sites include: WobbleSwitch Mechanical switchesare activated byapplying force; include switches such as paddle, plate, button, lever, and membrane. Aumentative and AlternativeCommunication:Device Switch Options What is a device switch? A supplemental, external device used to aid an individual in the selection of their main AAC device. Assists in making communication more effective and efficient for the user. A switchis used in conjunction with Vantage device for selection purposes. Fingers, arms, and handare control site options.Your son would benefit from any of these to make selections. Characteristicsof switches forVantage: Access Switch An individual can touchanywhere on the deviceto control the selectionon a AAC device. An individual uses the wobble switch to makea selection. It is activatedfrom any direction withlarge movements. What control sitemost advantageous? A speech language pathologistwill work with your son tochoose the best controlsite and switch option to best fithis specific needs forlearning in the schoolenvironment.
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