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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Swiss Governmental System: The Monarchy: - The queen (At this present time) is the head of state this means that she has all the power.- Has the Parliament at her side.- In the UK it is the oldest unit of government - The power that the queen or king has in the monarchy has been transferred to the Prime Minister.- At this time the queen has different duties and appoints important things with the prime minister, judges, officers in the armed forces, diplomats, governor, etc - The queen is in charge of declaring war or peace, take or give away territory and revise treaties. The Prime Minister: - It is the head of the UK government. - It is in charge of seeing the operation of the Civil Service and government agencies, appointing the members of the Cabinet. - It attends to the House of Commons and is the principal head of it. - It is the First Lord of the Treasury. - He gives the functions to the other ministers and has meetings with the Queen to talk about what is going on with businesses. - He is responsible for making decissions. The Parliament: - The Parliament is very important for the UK - They are in charge of: - Examining and making the government enforcetheir main roles. - Debate and pass laws.- Managing the raise of taxes. - The parliament is divided into two different houses were their business takes place. They are in charge of making laws, check what the government is up to, and debate various issues. - They were created to have a check and balance point. - Second Chamber. - They make new laws and shape them to be better. - Challenge and check the work of the government. - They are elected by the people this means a public vote. - They debate the major political issues that go in a day and by this they propose new laws. - The Prime Minister and the Chancellor work at this party. - Responsible for collective the money of the government that is based on approving bills that will raise taxes. The Hierarchy of Power at the UK is divided into three different parts: 1. The Monarchy.2. The Prime Minister. 3. The Parliament. The current Monarch isQueen Elizabeth II. The current Prime Minister is David Cameron MP. House of Lords: House of Commons: How they get elected: They get elected by the people, it is said that the rule is evere five years the first Thursday of May. *** This time it would be on May the fifth. Deputy Prime Minister: - He is the head of the government.- He is the head of the Liberal Democrats. Bibliography: The Cabinet: - It is made up of the senior members of the government.- They discuss issues that deal with the government. - As the law says they have to see each other every Thursday were each Secretary of State of each state unify. 1 Prime Minister 21 Cabinat Ministers 99 Other Ministers - Website of the UK government. (n.d.). Retrieved January 16, 2015, from Parliament's role. (n.d.). Retrieved January 16, 2015, from How government works. (n.d.). Retrieved January 16, 2015, from Government of the United Kingdom. (n.d.). Retrieved January 16, 2015, from Local Government: - The Councils in here have the major importancethey carry decisions on local services. - There are 2 tires of Local Governments in many parts of England. - Can be divided into - County Councils. - District Councils. - Borough Councils. - City Councils. - There are also Unitary Authorities were there is onlyone tier of local government. County Councils: - Responsible for the services of the county:1. Education. 2. Transport. 3. Libraries. 4. Social Care. 5. Waste Management.
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