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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 35% 35% Results of our survey I kind of like the idea that there is no sugar in the schools. That way there is a level playing field and no one feels left out because their parent couldnt afford, forgot, or for other reasons, did not send in a sugar treat. Lets not forget that some kiddos have allergies and maybe eliminating sweets will include more snacks that kids with allergies CAN eat? I also like the idea of not having a classroom full of kids jacked up on a sugar high and then crashing and burning and acting out. (When schools ban sweets, are they going too far? 2) " Im required to have my kid attend x number of days, and I get in trouble if I want to pull them out for family vacation but how many of those days are wasted away with class parties. Often times celebrating things that my family does not teach or believe in. I have no problem incorporating fun with learning. We play learning games at our house all the time but I dont think that food or full on parties have a place in school." (When schools ban sweets, are they going too far? 2) " A lot of additives are added to sweets and make kids hyper. Also if one kid as a bag of sweets and the bully wants them, they will steal them off the kid, then the dentist part, kids these days don't brush as much as they used to do, and all the dentists are going private, by the time they leave school and they need dental treatment, parents will be giving their kids dental appointments as Christmas presents. And if the kids are small kids they could be running in the playground, slip with a sweet in their mouths and may be choking, give them sweets after they have had their meal when they come home and they will appreciate them more too." (Should schools ban sweets? 1) Should Schools Ban Sweets?
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