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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sugars Sugars and Sweeteners Sweeteners Purposes -providing flavor and sweetness-adding color to brown a crust-serving as food for yeast-aiding in retention of moisture-breaking up gluten to tenderize products-servings as base for icing-helping stabilize egg foams Types of Sugars Sucrose Carbohydrates Maltose Fructose & Glucose Lactose Different Sugars Different Sugars Brown Sugar -Originally an unrefined or partiallyrefined sugar that retained some molasses-Today, it is generally white or refined sugarthat molasses is added to-Less molasses = lighter brown sugar-Helps retain moisture in baked goods, givescookies a soft, chewy texture Granulated Sugar -Most commonly used-Derived from sugarcane or sugar beets-White in color b/c molasses & impurities removed Coarse Sugar -Also called sanding sugar-Used primarily for decorations on cookies, cakes, etc. Fine and Superfine Sugar -Also known as castor sugar-Smaller than granulated sugar, not as fine as powdered sugar-Used in mixes that require rapidly dissolving sugar for a more uniform batter Confectioners' or Powdered Sugar -Produced by grinding the crystals finer & mixing them with a smallamount of starch (about 3%) to prevent caking-Grouped by the finished crystal size, indicated by X's-Referred to as icing sugars most common is 6X, 10X is the finest Inverts and Syrups Inverts and Syrups -Liquid form of sugar-Hygroscopic = have the ability to holdand retain moisture-Increases shelf life when used in products Corn Syrup -Natural product made by convertingcornstarch to a liquid through the useof enzymes-Most common syrup used in foodserviceindustry-Added to products to prevent recrystallizationof sugars in candy making or sugar work-Can help retain moisture Maple Syrup -Natural sugar harvested from the sugar maple tree-Depending on how sweet the sap is, 30-40 gallonsof raw sap can be required to make 1 gallon of syrup-Sugar maple sap is about 2% sugar-Very expensive Honey -Produced by bees from the nectarof flowers-Most common = clover honey andorange blossom honey-Clover honey used for its robustflavor and its amber to light tancolor-Orange blossom honey is similarto clover honey in color, but has a mellower taste Glucose -Similar to corn syrup-Produced from corn, rice,or potatoes-Used in the same way ascorn syrup, to preventrecrystallization Malt Syrup -Concentrated water extract from barley grainor corn that has been allowed to sprout-Contains diastatic enzymes that help break downstarches into sugars, which are excellent foryeast fermentation-Used in production of beer and other alcoholicbeverages
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