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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aawaz Issue : 2 Apr to Dec 2014 Surkhiya SBS Hindi,a Melbourne based radiochannel, interviewedthe founders Rahul & Ridhi Our co-founder Ridhi, featured in HT as a young change-maker Our Daan Utsav Event "Suno Sunao Smiles Karao"covered by NDTV 2 new Swa-Aangan centers started, a co-ed center in Qila Paasi village District Lucknow and boys center in Ramduari village District Sitapur. Swa-Aangan's now reach to 150 kids. Swa-Aangan teacher Vinod visited Manzil (NGO in Delhi) and had an enriching experience. 42 girls of our Swa-Aangan Ramduari had a exposure trip to Lucknow for the first time. They visited Zoo, Sanatkada and Imambara Redefining education through Swa-Khoj "Demystified Learning" and "Tinkering" workshops. Giving children an opportunity to explore: workshops held with 250 children and 30 teachers in various schools in the rural areas Swatantra Talim team expands and all Swatantrites welcomed 2 new teachers Amrendra and Baba and first 2 volunteers Shivangi and Prakhar with open arms. Pragati Pen-Pals program kicked off with children from rural areas building their own perspectives by exchanging letters with people from cities, especially with visitors.100 letters exchanged till date. Kalimun a student-teacherat our Ramduari Swa-Aangan always wanted to expressher thoughts through songs,poems, stories. On Teacher'sDay this year she got an opportunity to give words to her ceativity and she wrote and composed a song for her teacher's expressing her feelings for them. Mukul loves his Swa-Aanganwhere he enjoys the freedom and exploration he does with his peers. A hot favorite of the group, he along with his friends draws a painting of theSwa-Aangan which startedunder a water tank in QilaPassi Village. Utsav Editor Note: AawazChildren's Voices Nav-ShrijanInnovations in Education RishteyVisitors & Testimonials UtsavFestivity & Celebrations This Issue has four sections which Reflect, Question & share Swatantra Talim's Journey Swa-Aangan Ramduari Girls for the first time went for a picnic to Lucknow. This was a dream come true for them which they wrote in the form of a story. This is a snapshot of the same. You can order a copy if you wish to read the whole story First Board Meeting Independence Day with a difference Daan Utsav : Suno Sunao Smiles Karao Children's NewYear party Eid Celebration with community Teacher's Day celebrated 1st time by children Children's Day Celebartions Nav-Shrijan Rishtey Ravi Gulati, founder of Manzil, visited Swa-Aangan Ramduari and Qila Paasi along with his family members. It was a much awaited visit wherein he interacted with children through stories, co-operative games and shared some heroic stories led by women of our country. He talked to the community about the merits of organic farming and shared his experiences around it. Angana Prasad, team member at KHEL, conducted a MHM (Menstrual Health Management) workshop with girls of Swa-Aangan Ramduari. She initiated the discussion around menstrual health and discussed the taboos associated with it. Thereafter, the children received the eco-femme pads. Akshai Ibrahim, founder of KHEL, and Angana did a life skill session with children through games.. Testimonials Visitors Every child is a jewel, they all want to know more and more about each and every field, the only difference is that some are able to do what they want to do, whereas some are not that privileged ones. Swatantra Talim provides a bridge to fill the gap between the two. Shivangi Sharma, Volunteer, 4th year student of RMLNLU, Lucknow Innovative Assessments and Unique Report Cards Kabaad Se Jugaad (Best out of Waste) Khel-Khel Mein Padai (Learning through games) Pen Pals Launching Swa-Khoj: Tilism (Lab In a Box) Hands On: Explore through playful discoveryEducational: Experiments mapped to the curriculumCreative: Encourages a tinkering mindsetDevelopment: serious fun and developing the village Contact Us Endorse Financially Our innovative assessment is through fun in which math, language and science mela are organized on a regular basis. Our unique report cards are childrens very own paintings along with their photographs which motivates them and make their parentsfeel proud of them. We encourage children to create things out of waste to build on their creativity and thinking skills. The children made balloon powered car, lamp, paper folders and a scientific game out of waste. Recently, we have created a Kabaad Box in which children collect their kabaad and use them as per the need. Pen-Pals program kicked off with children visiting the nearby post office. Most of the children wrote letters to the visitors who had visited the centre and in turn got their replies before the Board Meeting in June 2014. The replies were given by the board members and now children continuously write letters to our friends who visit the centre. We try to make academics interesting and enjoyable for the children by integrating curriculum with play. We use board games as well as outdoor games like ludo, rango-metry, puzzles and cricket to sharpen their analytical, mathematical and strategy skills. In this way children learn as well as have fun.. You can make a difference in their life by supporting the project in financial terms. The bank account details are as follows: Swatantra Talim Foundation HDFC Bank, Aashiana branch, Lucknow A/c number - 50100033963170 IFSC Code - HDFC0001943 Won "BT People Gold Award" of 1000 pounds in "Improving Education" category
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