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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Swamps Adaptation Crane A crane is an animal that lives in the swamp. Over time it has adapted to be able to stand in the deep water with its longlegs to catch food. Webbed Feet A lot of animals that live in the swamp havewebbed feet to be ableto swim through thewater fast to catchprey or get away from the predator. Swamp plants Plant life in the swamphas adapted to either floaton the surface of the wateror grow higher than it. Between 2004 and 2009, anestimated 62,300 acres ofswamps were lost. Adaptions That Help Animals Survive In The Swamp Along with webbedfeet animals that live inthe swamp often havecamouflage to helpsneak up on prey or hidefrom predators. Predators Predators that live inthe swamp can oftenhold their breath forextended periods of time.Examples of predatorsare snakes and aligators. Aligator The alligator is a well knownpredator that lives in the swamp.Its powerful jaws, razor sharpteeth, speed, and agility make itgreat at hunting. Mudskipper Snake There are many kinds of snakesthat live in the swamps. Most ofthem burrow in the ground. The mudskipper is a fishthat can breath out of thewater for a significantamount of time. Insects There are hundreds of speciesof insects that live in the swamp.These insects have adapted tosurvive by flying, being able towalk on water, or by usingcamouflage.
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