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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Preventing and Helping Addicts Preventing addiction 1. Be around people who you like and people who like you 2. If you are in an environment with drugs, get out of it and tell a trusted adult 3. If you ever get angry at anyone including yourself find an and alternative healthy way to relive stress 4. If you enjoy alcohol, drink it responsibly. Things to stop a minor addiction 1. Get some friends or people you talk to regularly 2. Distract yourself from like reading a book, playing games, or any pastime 3. Start a project or a new hobby or even get a job you enjoy 4. Just make sure you are integrated into society more US drug usage statistics -Around 24.6 million people who were 12 per older used illicit drugs like marijuana.-46,000 last year died from an illicit drug and 29,000 from an alcohol related disease -Nearly 75,000 people od'd in 2014 Our solution The solution we came up is more of an idea to help prevent drug usage that leads to addiction and those who are already addicted. A common misbelif is that we should lock up all the drug users and shame them, but the truth is we should reintroduce them back into our communities. This will help the, me learn how to act in me me create new relationships that are healthy. They can also get hobbies or jobs that will keep them from using drugs. Many think the opposite of addiction is sobriety, but it is actually community tap and hold to change this title text! The biggest problems Some of the biggest problems we have people using drugs are not the drugs themselves, but people. Most people use drugs because they are depressed or have no one to turn To in a time of need. They are then exiled from their communities and any help, so they get further addicted.
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