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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Sustainability & Heath Loel Solomon, VP for Community Health at Kaiser Permanente SHOP WITH PURPOSE. keep your eyes USE SOCIAL MEDIA donate Blog Pin write a letter to a survivor invite a speaker tweet What's the connection? Sustainability & Heath "The same strategies that reduce toxicity in our conserve energy are the same strategies that society's health care costs." environment and reduce CO emissions and reduce illness in our society and reduce SUSTAINABILITY Meeting needs today without preventing future generations from meeting their own needs Environmental Health = Public Health H O Poor air quality (including indoor and outdoor) can contribute to health problems including asthma and respiratory problems. ACTIONS: - Switch to green cleaners - Buy local, sustainably produced food- Eco-friendly transportation (vanpool, etc.)- Reduce consumption of single use products Our food system has huge impacts on the environment that affect our health from transportation to pesticides to resource consumption and beyond. ACTIONS: - Buy local, sustainably produced food- Consume more fruit and veggies than meat- Grow your own food (start small!)- Vote with your dollar by supporting products with less packaging, Fair Trade, etc. Some of the Issues... Public health is dependent on the quality and availability of water. - Use a reusable water bottle and fill it up on campus- Reduce use of bottled water- Use a water filter at home- Switch to native/drought tolerant plants 2 Transportation (both personal and from thethings we consume)affects our health due to air pollution, resource consumption, etc. - Look for ways to reduce your impact like vanpool, biking, walking, etc. - Buy local- Reduce your consumption of stuff ACTIONS: ACTIONS:
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