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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 say 75% of respondents received sometype of Scorecard since the launch of the Scorecard in 2011 About HRM Scorecard 75% What Users July and October 2012, in response to a GA request for anassessment of the functioning of the HRM Scorecard (A/65/537, paragraph27), OHRM conducted a survey the Scorecard community.In 2012 the community consisted of 454 active users with 1/3 of themconnecting at least once a month. Seventy unique users across 18 field and 25 non-field entities responded tothe survey, enabling us to achieve a 63% response t th titi rateamong the entities monitored in the Scorecard. Between More than 50% of respondents accessthe Scorecard at least Nearly 2/3 have a clear understanding of what they need to do to 41% of the people responsible for the staffingtimeline find the tool helpful to Only 49% of the respondents believe the Scorecard 64% believe the Scorecard helps theirentity that theyare responsible for achieving Only 8% find the HRM-Scorecard tool 72% agree that the HRM-Scorecard focuses attention on the to the Organization. 50% 72% 64% 41% 49% 64% 8% training once a month monitor it effectively targets are achievable improve performance and attain their HRM goals achieve the HRM goals difficult to use most important HR metrics 68% agree that the Scorecard enables effective monitoring of delegated authority 76% survey respondents indicated that theyare very satisfied with the support they get from the HRM-Scorecard team 68% 76%
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