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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 for a predefined infographic start by dragging a theme onto the canvas your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] when your ready donot forget to save your visual. The Truth Behind Superstitions Crossing fingers Don't walk under a ladder 49% Touching wood 0 6 A survey in the UK gives us an idea of how many people endorse the 6 most common superstitions 12 GAMES12 POINTS Are you superstitious? 4 4 86% 64% Breaking a mirror= 7 years of bad luck Number 13 is bad luck 34% 13%-15% Carrying a lucky charm 24% by Paige Quigley Read below to find out! Do you find yourself crossing your fingers or avoiding ladders for no specific reason? Many people perform common superstitions in their everyday lives without even realizing it! It could possibly be something you were raised doing that has now developed into a habit. More than half of Americans admitted to being at least a little superstitious, doing things such as avoiding cracks or knocking on wood. Although certain people are much more superstitious than others. It may have something to do with their culture, religious beliefs, etc... There is a difference between a superstition and a ritual. You are only superstitious if you give some kind of magical belief to the ritual. Although... If a volleyball player bounces the ball 5 times before they serve so that they can focus and breathe this is simply a ritual. Although if they do it because they believe it will magically bring them good luck this is a superstition. Example Definition of Superstition: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Superstition is the belief in supernatural causalitythat one event causes another without any natural process linking the two eventssuch as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, prophecies, etc., that contradicts natural science. Some more examples of superstitions...~ Wishbone~ Beginners luck~ Friday the 13th ~Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue~ four leaf clover~ wish at 11:11~ if you step on a spider, it will rain~knock on wood~crossing your fingers~wishing upon a star~666 = satan~ murphys law One of the strangest superstitions: Don't chew gum at night! Some people believe that if you chew gumat night then you are chewing the flesh of the dead. Personally, I findthis one quite odd but that doesn't mean I'll be chewing gum at night anytime soon! Superstitious Americans Superstitions come in many different shapes and sizes. It has been proven that unlucky people tend to believe in more superstitions that bring them bad luck. The opposite can be said for lucky people who believe in many superstitions that bring them good luck. Perhaps this is how people justify their luck. So just remember folks, always stay positive when it comes to superstitions!! Non superstitious Americans Sources:
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