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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 June 1938- This was when Superman made his first debut in Action Comics #1. Joe Shuster and Jerry Sielgel. June 14, 2013- This is Superman's latest reincarnation as The Man of Steel's and Henry Cavill's Superman September 26, 1941- This was one of Superman's first animated television show. Max Fleischer's version of Superman portrayed him in the best of ways. September 19, 1952- This was evolutionary for Superman as actor George Reeves portrayed the famous hero in the live-action television series that spanned 6 years. December 15, 1978- This is the Christopher Reeve reincarnation of the Man of Steel. Though there were three more movies with a spread of directors, Christopher stayed with the franchise. September 6, 1996- The arrival of this show gave a new look on the Man of Steel, and developed the relationship between Superman and his origins. June 21, 2006- This is one of the latest live-action movies of the century. Brandon Routh brought a great feel to Superman and made so many others remember the days when Christopher Reeve wore the cape and boots. This gives the many views of the Superman emblem from the original. This also reflects on the many innovative changes on the Man of Steel's image As shown to the right, Lois cradles The Man of Steel after his apparent demise by the hands of Doomsday shown to the left. This story line created a long story to follow, as the 1992 comic and its series gave a world coping with the lost of the great superhero and lover to Lois Lane who had known his secret at the time. Superman: Through The Years The Death of Superman
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