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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Character Move Set He has:PK Thunder:A recovery move that also hits people.PK Fire: A jolt of fire that burns people for a while.PK Flash: A really slow moving spark that explodes. PSI Magnet: It absorbs projectile and it heals you. Pk Kaboom: A controllable beam of meteors. He has:Timber: A four step process that grows a huge tree to drop on someone. Balloon Trip: A recovery move that saves you from trouble has a set amount of time till the balloons pop though.Lloid Rocket: A rocket the fly's a set amount of distance you can ride on them to. Pocket: You can take projectiles and send them back at them.Dream Home: Call Nook and his friends and the will build a house that will soon explode after built has a short blast radiuse. He has:Hero's Bow: Get a bow and arrow out. can be charged to do more damage.Boomerang: Can be launched and can hit people when launched and comming back.Spin Attack: Can be a great attack can be charged on land and can be use to recover.Bomb: A certain amount of time and it explodes.Triforce Slash: It slashes who ever in front of the player and people who run into Toon Link while using it will get sliced. He has: Hero's Bow: Can be charged and shot.Bomb: Has a set amount of time and boom.Gale Boomerang: A boomerang the can bring foes to you.Spin Attack: Can be used to recover and do a plenty amount of damage.Triforce Slash: Same as Toon Link. She has:Autoreticle: Which has a little circle that shots at you only a set amount of distance though.Reflect Barrier: Like it says it reflects but only projectiles.Warp: A recovery move which warps you up in the air in a set amount of distance.Counter: It only works when someone does a melee attack ,but you just hit 'em back when they hit you. Black Hole Laser: Summons a big black hole that puts people in then a big laser after that. They have:Luma Shot: You shot Luma at someone chargeable.Star Bits: Shoot out little stars at people.Launch Star: A recovery move that is controllable you go on a star shaped launch pad and jump.Gravitational Pull: Bring nearby items to you.Power Star: Gets a small star that grows larger and shoots more stars while growing then it explodes who ever gets stuck in the star. She has:Needle Storm: She gets needles and throws them at people chargeable too.Burst Grenade: A hold-able grenade meaning how long you hold the button you throw longer and explodes.Vanish: A recovery move that makes you vanish in the air.Bouncing Fish: A move that moves you around the arena and it kicks in the move to.Light Arrow: A one hit K.O. move the makes a light beam the goes strait in front of you.
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