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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 Fun Super Bowl Facts #2 Largest-Food-Consumption Day of the Year. Super Bowl Sunday is a day to eatand eat and eat (Thanksgiving is #1). In fact it is estimated that 1.25 BILLION chicken wings will be consumed during the Super Bowl. Thats a clucking lot! 1.5 Million People Play Hooky on Super Bowl Monday. A sizable chunk of the American workforce will call in sick on Monday, February 2nd. Good idea. The rest of us may regret our decision to head into the office, even after some strong coffee.. 20% Antacid Sale Increase.The antacid industry has theirown celebration the day after theSuper Bowl. See Fun fact #1. Ateast someone is benefiting fromour pain! 0 Footage of the first Super Bowl.Rumor has it, the first Super Bowl was taped over for asoap opera! On secondthought, maybe you dont want to share thiswith die-hard sports fans.It could turn into a pretty dramatic scene. $12, The first Super Bowl in 1967cost a few bucks less than an averagelunch out these days.If only we had a time machine we could allenjoy watching the game live and inperson. We can dream, right?! 120 Balls, On Super BowlSunday, theyll have 120 footballsready for official use. PS. Itssomeones official job to monitorthis and we think thats prettycool. 54 Yards Long, The longest field goal tookplace during Super Bowl XXVIII when theDallas Cowboys played the Buffalo Bills.Not bad at all. As a reference, you couldstretch 162 footlong hotdogs across thatlength. 61,946 People, In the games firstyear, the Super Bowl had what wenow consider the smallest crowd inits history. Hey, that is still morethan the number of people who livein Greenland. 0 Overtimes, Since 1967 theSuper Bowl has never gone pastregulation. What a nail biter thatwould be! Maybe this year will bethe year with an epic extendedgame. $1200, Pay up! Tickets to Super Bowl 2015now cost a whole lot more than they used to.For those who can get their hands on one ofthese prized passes they may have toconsider paying rent vs. attending the SuperBowl. Hey, you only live once. Source:
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