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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sunset Yellow 6 Do you really know what your eating? What you really are eating in most of your foods are food additives.One of these is an additive calledSunset Yellow 6. Sunset yellow is a chemically manufactured color enhancer. Many of the foods weeat contain this additive and some of these foods are part of our daily habits. Sunset Yellow is also found in chocolates, sweets, ice cream andmany other foods. So why is it best toavoid Sunset Yellow?It's because Sunset Yellow can cause many health risks. Sunset Yellow causes hyperactivity, nausea,kidney tumor, nasal congestionand many other risks. Countries like Norway and Sweden have banned Sunset Yellow, unlike Canada and the US who continueto use it. Dyes like Sunset Yellow compared to other Food Additives Sunset Yellow should be banned,from being a food additive.It causes many bad health risksand their are far betteroptions to replace this additive. Safe alternatives to this additivedo exist, like natural food coloring. This will allow the product to lookgood and be healhty at the same time. We need to fight forour rights of healthy food. Sunset Yellow and other additives should be banned, and we needto look at the manyother safer options we have. In a world where almost every single object is manufactured in a factory, a big question is always asked. What really am I eating?
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