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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We Nazi officers for their , regardless of who they were as people the war. CAN'T FORGIVE BEFORE In my mothers memory I am still a happy boy without a care in the world Full of high spirits (Wiesenthal, Cargas, and Fetterman 34) CRIMES When we were told that everything was ready, we went back a few yards, and then received the command to remove the safety pins from hand grenades and throw them through the windows of the house My God!” (Wiesenthal, Cargas, and Fetterman 42) From the other windows fell the burning bodies We shot Oh God!” (Wiesenthal, Cargas, and Fetterman 42-43) Because of actions like these, nearly6 million Jewish lives were taken. The real test of the SS mans spiritual integrity came at the moment he received the order to shoot. At that instant he was still a morally free man. By agreeing to shoot instead of deferring to a higher authority and disobeying the order, he failed the test and permanently cut himself off from the possibility of forgiveness. Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor and former Mengele twin, forgave Dr. Mengele for his actions against her. "Withholding forgiveness locks them in victimhood." Exposure to Nazi propaganda and Hitler's ideas changed people's thoughts towards Jews Dr. Josef Mengele would take any twins that came into Auschwitz and use them for inhumane experiments such as mass blood transfusions and trials to turn eyes blue. (Rosenberg) How are acts like these forgivable? (Axelrod) Most survivors can't agree with Kor's decision to forgive. In the words of author, John Green, "The marks humans leave are too often scars." Lead to The inhumane crimes committed against the Jewish population during the Holocaust are hard for survivors to forgive. ("90 Important Facts About...") No matter who committed such a traumatizing offense toward you, an emotional scar remains. (Langer)
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