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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is democracy What is democracy In a democratic country, people have the power to express what they think about something. Theyhave the right to make their own decisions on what theythink is right and wrong. They also have freedom, that means they can do whatever they want to do but not doingsomething that is going to harm society. How they vote for their government First if all, citizens need to find a representative and they will go around the country to do speeches and presentations to get themost votes. Then they will start to count the votes and the most votes win. The winning representativewill be the new president. He can be president for 4 years only for 2 terms. Independent: Citizens who don't rely on anybody onlythemselves. Line chart of American people being Republican, independent and democratic Republican: It is a political partywhich has beenin the past to now. Who discovered democracy Ancient Athens discovered democracy,it started of with women, men, slaves were not citizens, they could not vote or participate in anything. Each year, they would write 500 namesdown and each year they would choose one of themto serve for one year, and so on and so on and that was how democracy started. A Democratic Government Sources: Taxes Each year, citizens have topay at least 40 or 50% of theirincome to government so that the government has enough money to hire polices, build houses or apartments, build hospitals and many more. Without these things, the country would collapse likea wall of bricks.
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