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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My government perfect This government is absolute monarchy Leader ship succcession Decision making Welfare It is run by King Ronald.have the responsibility to take care of the country because i am commander in chief of the military i also have to handle some of the money.The governor's responsibility is to obey the laws and to take care of the country.The good thing is that the he can make some of the decisions in saudi arabia economy Sources:http://www.worldsrichestcountries.com The economy system is very good.The oil is more expensive than the water because it is an oil based economy.It is The richest middle eastern place My responsibility is to make sure the trading system is going well and that the money is spent wisely.The citizens responsibility is to spend the money wisely.spend the money wisely. The king is the one to approve the building and make sure there are people to check the food.The The government recently decided that all people with no jobs will recieve help from the government.The responsibility for the govern is to pay the hospital bill and as said the responsibility for the government is to provide hospitals. Desicions are made by the king and maybethe governmentThe citizens responsibility is to Adapt to the choices that I make.The bad thing is that they dont have much say. Representation The common person is not allowed to take part in the government only the royal family can.The good thing aboutnot letting the citizens vote is that its more efficient.The bad thing is that if people don't like the leader or a choice the king made they will argue and protest about it . Common person All unemployed people will receive help from the government. The next leader is chosen amongst the royal family and the position of being king is passed down to the next son just like United kingdom.It is very hard to choose the next leader.The governs job is to accept the next leader chosen. KeysRed-Iran: $1.284 trillion Green-UAE: $605 billionYellow-Israel: $268.3 billionGrey-Saudi : $1.652 trillionBlue-Iraq: $494.5 billion
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