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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Summary Assignment Kaitlin Eklund MGMT-882 February 10, 2015 5 Facts from E-Myth and InGenius FATAL ASSUMPTION: understanding the technical work of a business, means understandinga business that does technical workTechnicians who take the work he/she loves to do and turns it into a job he/she ends up resenting the work "3-PEOPLE-IN-ONE": Everyone who goes into business believes they can be the entrepreneur, manager, and technicians of their business. A business needs all 3 personalities to thrive. Bringing together diverse groups of people leads to more interesting advice and collaboration Rearranging resources to come up with new, even crazy/ ridiculous ideas will lead the way to even more practical and brilliant ideas Entrepreneur: creator of new methods for creating new markets, the visionary and innovator of the businessManager: sees the problems, clings to order, and creates predictable process to execute. Technician: the doer of the business who concentrates on the work that needs to be done Connecting non obvious ideas/objectsis key for innovation and the creativeprocess To Generate truly creative solutions business people must focus on reaching a solution by looking at all the parameters of a problem relative to all the parameters thatare in conflict Imagination is important in decisions because the first solution may not be as good as the 3rd or 4th solution "Why" questions are good ways to explain the possibilities for insightful resolutions REFRAMING: the way people frame a problem both informs and limits they way they thinkMastering reframing problems increasesthe imagination process and unlocks more solutions/insights
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