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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FatigueReduction Physiotherapist-led exercise Yoga PhysicalImprovement n = 38 Fitness Instructor-led exercise In recent years, there has been an increasing body of evidence suggesting both safety and efficacy ofexercise interventions for people with MS with minimal gait impairments. Few studies to date have evaluatedthe effect of exercise intervention at follow-up. This paper presents follow-up data for participants who completed the exercise interventions in a large randomised controlled trial. The specific objective was to compare data at week 24 (follow-up) to that at post treatment (week 12) and that at baseline (week 1). Three months post-intervention, a positive effect on the physical impact of MS was not maintained from baseline tofollow-up while psychological impact and the impact of fatigue remained improved. The authors conclude thatmaintenance of the benefits on the psychological impact of MS and fatigue may have important personal andsocioeconomic consequences. Goal-setting, exercise self-efficacy enhancement and enjoyment may influencelong-term adherence to exercise programs. The use of technologies should also be explored as a way to encourage health-promoting lifestyles. Maria Garrett, Neasa Hogan, Aidan Larkin, Jean Saunders, Philip Jakeman, Susan Coote. Exercise in the community for people with MS a follow-up of people with minimal gait impairment Beneficial effects of exercise 3-months after intervention: PsychologicalImpact Reduction n = 41 Multiple Sclerosis Journal - Aug 201219(6) 790798 Summary: n = 42
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