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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sulp hur Common uses of sulphur: sulphur is a compound of gunpowde r,used in some types of paper and bleaching agents. Used as an electrical insulator, is a production of detergents, fibres, sheet metal , explosives and storage batteries.Organic compound sofSulphur: Allicin,Cysteine, methionin e,Diphenyl disulfide, Perflurooc tanesylfon ic,Dibenzoth iophene,Penicillin. Sulph ur Chemical properties: Sulphur burns easily, when Sulphur burns a blue flame is created (making sulphur dioxide, SO2). Sulphur combines easily with most elements ( most metal and no metals ) at room temperature, but in some cases it must be heated . Most metals and non maras combine directly with sulphur. Physical properties:Sulphur is a pale yellow , odourless, tasteless, insoluble ( in water ) solid wth a boiling point of 444.6 degrees C. Sulphur is a pour conductor of heat and electricity and when it's melted it become vicious. Environmental impacts of sulphur :acid rain, death of species due to pH variations , damage to plants ( leaves and buds). Social impacts of sulphur: triggers asthma attacks, aggravates existing heart condition , accumulates of fluids in the lungs ( life-threating ), irritation in eyes ( permanent damage after long exposure). Precautions: Sulphur is flammable and must avoid clouds of dust at all times.Sulphur dioxide is a compressed gas, poisonous,toxic and corrosive. tap and hold to change this header text! tap and hold to change this header text!
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