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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ester's Storyme and the children. I will never know why. I now realize how important it is to get the ones we love the help they need when they show signs. I deeply regret not being aware. My husband will never get to hold our little daughter. He will never protect her like he promised he would. Please help the ones that are still here by getting educated. It's a choice you won't regret. SUICIDE Warning signs -Direct statements such as "I wish I were dead"-Indirect statements such as "I can't take it anymore"-Writing things that deal with death-Suicidal threats-obsessed with death-withdrawal from friends-dramatic changes in behavior-guilt or shame-academic or athletic deterioration-giving things away-substance abuse-violent or rebellious behavior-complaints about physical symptoms such as stomach ache or headache-persistent boredom or indifference-Intolerance for praise or reward What You Can do to Help 1.Initiate a meaningful convers2.Show support and ask questions3.Try to persuade the person to seek help. My Story - Anonymous I am writing this anonymously, I want to keep it that way too. My Story- DesireeShe will only 17 years old.She will never know the number of people she hurtShe will never know the damage she has doneShe will never know how many people she touched with her vibrant spiritShe will never know how much she will be missedShe will never how much she is love
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