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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Topic 9: Suicide 4A By: Kate Wartski and Aurora Becker What is suicide? The act of intentionally taking one's life. Warning signs for suicide Direct statements, indirect statements, writing things dealing with death, threats, obssesions with death, change in personality, substance abuse, negativity towards themself and the world. How to help a friend 1.) Initiate a meaningful conversation:Show that you care about their situation, and refrain from saying things like "Everyone has those bad days." 2.) Show support and ask questions:Try to help the person understand the outcome of suicide,and that harm to yourself is never the answer. 3.) Try to persuade the person to seek help:If you notice any suicide signs your should seek help from an adult.Such as a councilor, parent, teacher, etc. Did you know... -Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teens ages fifteen to ninteen. - Seventeen percent of teens will have suicidal thoughts. - More than half of those teens will actually attempt harming themselves. - Exposure leads to "Cluster Suicides" - Cluster Suicides amount for 5% of all teens suicides. -Cluster Suicides: A series of suicides occuring within a short period of time and involving several people in the same school or community Elizabeth's Story Elizabeth was a mom of a child, named Melissa. One day when Elizabeth came back from the mall, her daughter didn't respond when she walked in the house. She found her daughter dead in her room from suicide.At the time Elizabeth was dealing with a lot of stress. Including depression, emotional pain, PTSD,and now the death of her daughter. At the funeral she had decided her death would be by suicide. Elizabeth thought her daughter's death was her fault, and that she could've done more to help her. Elizabeth finally realized that she needed to go to therapy. This is when she began to think about what her daughter and family would want her to do. Melissa would never want her to commit suicide like she did. She began to develop happy thoughts and decided life WAS worth living.
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