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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facts: 1.In the U.S, almost 30,000 citizens commit suicide.2.10-35% of victims leave a note behind.3. There are more deaths from suicide, than HIV.4. The male population makes up 79% of all suicides.5.Nearly 2/3 of victims are depressed when suicide occurs. All around the world bullying is aserious matter that takes place everyday.Some people get through it and somepeople dont, causing them to commitsuicide. Even the smallest amount of bullying can seriously hurt someone, espeically ifthey have more severe problems going on at home or just outside of school. Suicide is like a bucket, and all the porblemsare like the water. You Add more and more water to that bucketeach time something goes wrongand finally that last drop of water, from anything like a breakup, bullying, or feeling lonely falls into that bucket causing all the water to spill out. Suicide Warning Signs: 1.If someone is feeling sad or lonely2. If you notice a Change in someones behavior and personality in a negative way3.If you see their self esteem drop to an extreme low.4. Writting about death and killingusually measns they are thinking about doing those acts. Suicide Hotline Number:1-800-273-TALK(8255) Opinion: Bullying to Suicide: Savannah Vargas period 4 Ways You Can Help: If you see or know someone who is having these thoughts, talk to them, help them, get help FOR them, let them knowthat you are always there and that they always have somebody whois there to listen when they need it.
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