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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sudan History 1820: Sudan is conquered by Egypt and Turkey. 1881: There is a rebellion against the Turkish-Egyptian administration. 1882: The British invade Sudan. 1899: Sudan is governed by a British-Egyptian rule. 1955: The people of Sudan start a civil war. 1956: Sudan wins it's independence. 1958: The civilian government is removed and a military coup starts. 1962: The southern parts of Sudan start a civil war. 1964: A national government is formed. 1969: A new military act us formed and that puts Jaafar Numieri in power. 1972: A peace agreement is signed in Addis Ababa. 1972: The southern Sudan gets a partly self-governance. 1978: A lot of oil is found in southern Sudan. 1985: President Numieri is removed from power. 1989: Al-Bashir and his Islamic Front gets power in a military coup. 1995: The Sudanese government is accused of being a part of an attempt to kill the Egyptian prime minister. 1998: The USA launches a missile attack on a chemical plant that was assumed to be a part of the Al'Qaeeda terror network. Many people died. The Sudanese government said they were not a part of it. 1999: Sudan starts exporting oil with the help of a China, Canada, and othercountries. 2001: An internal stubble in the government causes an ideological leader who was trying to make peace with the SPLA, get arrested. March 2001: A famine affects 3 million people in Sudan. June 2001: As peace negation breaks down in Nairobi, Kenya. August 2001: The Nile river floods and leaves thousands homeless in Sudan. October 2001: Because of the terrorist attacks the USA puts new sanctions in Sudan because of the accusations of Sudan's involvement with the Al'Qaeeda. January 2002: A truce between government forces and the SPLA is finally agreed on. July 20, 2002: The SPLA and the government sign a protocol to end the civil war. July 31, 2002 : The government attacks the SPLA again. December 2003: The peace negotiations focused on sharing oil resources. January 2004: The government army attacks Darfur region in Western Sudan. March 2005: The UN security council agrees send 10,000 peace keeping soldiers to southern Sudan but it does not cover the Darfur region 2007: Violence continues in Darfur region. China blocks any real decisions in the UN security council.
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