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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Secret To Success Is being successful based more on opportunity andtiming, rather than hard work and dedication? Bill Gates(Founder of Microsoft) Professional Hockey Players In 1968 Bill Gates attendedone of the richest highschools in America, Lakeside. The school had a computer club that hadaccess to a computer terminal, which wasan extremely rare thing in the 1960's. Bill Joy(Famous Computer Scientist) Gates spent his time there before, during, and afterschool and by the time he was done with high school he had more than 10,000 hours experience with programing. Gates was able to drop out of collegeand start his software company withone of his friends who also went to Lakeside. His company was a massivesuccess and he is now one ofthe richest men in the world. Because of the opportunity he wasgiven in high school with computers,he was able to obtain success. The cutoff date for CanadianHockey League is January 1st. A child that was born January 2nd would bethe oldest one in his league. While someone whowas born in December would be one of the youngest. Because the child born on January 2ndis the oldest, he will be bigger andmore physically mature. Because he is bigger and stronger,he will be put on a more advancedteam with better players and coaches. Because the child gets the opportunity to play withbetter players, practice more often, and have bettercoaches, the child becomes a better player overall. This is the reason why most professional hockeyplayers are born between January and March.They have better opportunities for success. A boy who turns ten on January 2, then, could be playing alongside someone who doesn't turn ten until the end of the yearand at that age, in preadolescence, a twelve­month gap in age represents an enormous difference in physical maturity (Gladwell 24). "Because he happened to go to a farsighted school like the University of Michigan, he was able to practice on a time-sharing system instead of with punch cards; because the Michigan system happened to have a bug in it, he could program all he wanted; because the university was willing to spend the money to keep the Computer Center open twenty-four hours, he could stay up all night; and because he was able to put in so many hours, by the time he happened to be presented with the opportunity to rewrite UNIX, he was up to the task" (Gladwell 46). In 1971, Joy began attending the University of Michigan. Michigan had a computer center that was open 24/7. Joy discovered a way to get unlimited time in the computer center, so he spent hours upon hours in there. The opportunities that Michigan presented Joyallowed him to get well over 10,000 hours worth of practice programming over the course of four years. Because Bill Joy had so much experiencewith computer programming he wasable to co-found Sun Microsystems. If Bill Joy never went to the University of Michigan at thistime period and never had unlimited access to the computercenter, he would have never been as successful as he is today. Having access to computers at a timewhen most people did not - and thereforebeing ahead of the curve - helped Gates build asuccessful company (Folger).
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