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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Negative Impacts The History of Subway Subway now own over 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Subway are the one of the largest MNC's for food ranking 2nd, just behind McDonalds.Subway are the healthiest MNC in the world. Subway were ranked 1st in the Franchise opportunity in Entrepreneur Magazines in the 29th annual franchise rankings. Subway started out as a little restaurant in Bridgeport Connecticut USA to remember how it started their Headquaters are inthe same area as the first every Subway Restaurant Fred DeLuca was searching for a way to pay for his University Education and decided to get a loan from his family friend Peter Buck and opened his first Sandwich shop. The shop was originally named Pete's Super Submarines. But then changed just to Pete's Subway In the ten year period from when he opened the shop,they opened another 32 restaurants. In this period they also opened an Australian restaurant in Perth 1988. Subway are now owned by the Doctors Associates and were given the tick of approval by over 90% of health Advisors. Over 60% of all Australians prefer Subway instead of the unhealthy alternatives. Facts about Subway Subway have a huge range of products such as: Subway Footlong SubsSubway Original SubsCookiesSoftdrinksWaterSaladWrapsEnglish Muffins andFlatbreads What are the products that Subway Sell? Positive Impacts Positive Impacts Subway have many positive environmental Impactsfor their company such as how they Recyclefor the environment and how they Boost the Economy by buying their products from local businesses.Another very important factor is that they do not pollute. Subway are enviromentaly friendly and will be forever. Subway have also culturally affect the countriesby making healthier subs which takes the locals away from the unhealthy food. Subway are providing jobs for the communityby building more restaurants and creating a Vibrant community for all of the local members. Subway relies on the entrepreneurial spritand passion that exists throughout the store. Subway don't have many negative factorsbecause of how they care for everythingand everyone. The only environmental factor was thatthey sometimes clear little land for the stores. The local businesses in developing countrieshave suffered because of Subwayputting them out of business. Subway have torn countries apartby making the countries own cultural foodsbecome unknown and make theSubs the preferred favourite. Advertising and Earnings For Subway Lastly subway have also changed the country economically bybuilding in low income areas to boost the government of that country.Subway also put their subs at lower prices so that the less fortunate can purchase anything on the menu. Subway in 2012 alone have spentover 516,000,000 dollars on Advertising.They use famous people all over the worldto promote Subway like cartoon character Peter Griffin to promote the Subway FeastSandwich. Subway from the first restrauant to now have earned over 18 Billion dollarsand continue to expand to earn even more money.Subway is valued at 5.7 Billion dollars for the franchise.
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