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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of appetite,sleep, and/or interest. Substance Abuse and Suicide Substance Abuse and Suicide Learn the warning signs People sometimes self medicate when depressed,which in many cases is the beginning of a substance abuse problem so pay attention for signs of depressionas well. Withdrawal fromfamily and friends Lowenergy If someone is still in school, their grades might drop quiet. increased secretiveness If two or three signs of depression or even suicidal thoughts or actions are observed,do not hesitate to intervene and try to seekhelp for someone. " 20% of suicides involve people with alcohol problems" "Substance abuse increases risk of suicided more than 6 times." "In 2005, over 132,500 visits to emergency rooms were for alcohol- or drug-related suicide attempts" Prescriptions drug induced suicide is the most prevalent Learn about prevention! 1. Identify the problem 2. Identify risk and protective factors 3. Develop, implement and test interventions 4. Ensure widespread adoption of evidence-based practices Prevention Stragety Approach individual directlyand in a non-judgemental wayabout suicidal thoughts work with social groups surrounding the patient to reduce access to drugs National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: This graph demonstrateshow drugs, such as alcohol,are omnipresent with suicide Bibliography de
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