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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Submarines Submarines cant go too deep underwater; the particles deep under water are closer together than those at the surface when a submarine is on surface it is just subject to normal air pressure but as it dives the water particles create more pressure on the hull, eventually when the submarine gets deep enough the combined air pressure and water pressure will crush the submarine. Submarines are built in a round structure in order to bare more weight of water.A submarine can float because of the weight of the water, the water creates an upward force which is called a buoyant force and acts against the gravity which pull the submarine down. Some particles are more dense than others and therefore when a submarine is submerged under water there is more particles on top of it which is heavier which means that if the submarine is on surfaceit moves faster than when underwater because there are less particles on the surface. Katrina Mathers This first diagram shows that with air the object flows more freely while without air the object is more compressed sincethe water particles are creating force on the submarine, A submarine accelerates to the direction of the biggest force.In a submarine there must be enough energy to heat it up and power the submarines movement. Submarines now use nuclear power because it allows them to generate power using a little amount of fuel.
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