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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The music's heavy rhythm, simple melodies, and lyrics captivated teenagers. The Beat Movement Beatniks Nat "King" Cole The Racial Gap Throughout the 1950s, African American shows were on separate stations and had certain radio stations aimed for blacks. Centered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City's Greenwich Village Followers of this movement were called beats or beatniks, they were nonconformists and shunned regular work. They sought differentfeelings through Buddhism, music and drugs. Many musicians played a musicalstyle that used improvision called jazz. sprite Musicians added electronic instruments to traditional blues music. Alan Freed was one of the first to play the music. The audience was mostly white but the music wasusually produced by African Americans. Elvis Presley"King of Rock 'n' Roll" Expressed the social and literary nonconformity of artists, poets,and writers. Howl Jack Kerouac African Americans were largelysegregated from dominate cultureat the end of the 1950s the many A Subculture & Emerges Allen Eisenberg Many adults were against rock'n' roll because they thought itwould lead to teenage delinquencyand immorality. Alan Freed named the musicrock 'n' roll, which hascome to mean music that's bothblack and white. Rock 'n' Roll Poets and writers believed in having free,open forms in their writings, and read them at gathering places. On the Road African Americans & Rock 'n' Roll
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