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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INCAS, AZTECS, AND THE MAYANS The Incas started at the 1200-1300's, andreached theirheight at the 1400's. They ruled in Peru, Chile, and a bit of Ecuador.Their capital was Cuzco. They were conquered by Francisco Pizarro and his men, who ambushed the unprepared Incas. They adapted to the cold and mountainous environment by farming on terraces and getting water from aqueducts. Incas The earliest Mayans lived in the 1800 BC, and they reached their peak in the 250's AD.They ruled in the Yucatan Peninsula. Mayans They built impressive temples and pyramids, and made the 365 1/4 calendar. The Incas werealso known for their roads. The Incas were ruled by one emperor, whohad all the power. Aztecs They ruled in central mexico, started in the 1300'sand reached their peak in the mid 1400's. They were polytheistic, and had 1 ruler that claimed the power. The Aztecs made many human sacrifices, and were extremely religious. The priests were extremely smart and powerful (math, science,and medicine wise). The Mayans were mostlyfarmers, with few nobles and traders. Nobody knows why the Mayans declined. The Incas were mostly farmers, and there werefew traders and even few nobles. The Mayans used a form of hieroglyphics and were very advanced in astronomy, medicine, and science. They were dividedinto city-states,which each had their own leader. Quetzalcoatl were their chief God, and they believed Hernรกn Cortez was him, therefore they surrendered at his feet. Because of the wet environment, they made chinampas to farm. Like the Incas and Mayans, they were mostly farmers. Red: AccomplishmentsLight Green: DownfallPurple: Religion/GovernmentLight Blue: Religion/Arts/AcademicsDark Blue: Social ClassesYellowish Green: Human Environment InteractionBrown: Time Period/Location The Incas had no writing system, but they usedquipus to record numbers. Were Polytheistic.
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