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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 40100 Ordinances-Local laws Bill-a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion Veto- to not propose a law Study Guide Tab 7By:Julia Dodson Delegates serve 2 yearsSenators serve 4 years SENATORS RESERVED POWERS Powers saved for the states Governor of Virginia Chief LegislatorCommander in chiefChief of stateChief executiveParty chief Implied power- not specifically written in the Constitution Delegated Powers- specifically granted the Federal Government by the Constitution Lieutenant Governor of Virginia- works to strengthen Virginia's budget and economy and improve the health of all its residents Session- a meeting of a judicial body to conduct its business. DELEGATES Bicameral-2 houses 10th amendment tells about reserved and delegated powers Qualificationsof delegatesand senators-federallevel 30 years old, resident of the district, and registered to vote Bill to State Law Introduced by Delegateor senator, committee;debate; vote;signedby governor President Pro Tempore Presides overthe senate inthe absence ofLT. Governor Chesterfield County legislative branch Board of Supervisors Chesterfield County executive branch - Departments- Agencies- Commissions- Regulatory Boards General Assembly Makes Laws! LEE WARECurrent 65th District Delegate in Virginia John WatkinsCurrent 10th District Senator in Virginia Qualifications to be a senator/delegate in VA- state level 21 years old, resident of the district, qualified to vote LT. Governor-In charge of the senate Committee- Group of people
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