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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pre-Meds "The Basic Model of higher education that exists today was created in the 11th century, operates on a 19th century calendar, and yet is supposed to prepare students for a life in the 21st Century." 65% believe that if students don't learn a foreignlanguage, they will be at a disadvantage 57% international education is essential. 73% of Americans say that schools need to better prepare students for the global economy Only of Pre-Med majors go abroad! 5.3% Study Abroad: Why Need to Go Obstacles It's a Necessity How to Go Difficulty finding core science courses abroad. Lack of institutional commitment tointernationalization. Language barriers in the field. Lectures with mandatory labs. Medical School preferences concerning location of specific courses. Issues of preventative health care & disease don't stop at national borders. The rise in global health initiatives in academiaare in direct response to the need for globally competent medical professionals. Specifically those with global knowledge and awareness in cross-cultural coursework & co-curricular activities. "A sick patient doesn't represent a biochemistry problem, a genetics problem, or an immunology problem." -- Jules Dienstag, Dean of Harvard Med School Current Curriculum is Outdated: The standard Pre-Med education requirements are too removed from clinical practice, & steal time from science preparation that might be more relevant to future doctors. Pursue academia & Explore Extracurriculars Be well-rounded Medical School Admission Requirements: "The medical profession needs individuals from diverse educational backgrounds who will bring to the profession a variety of talents & interests." "The patient will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Look at different program lengths. Academic Year, Semester, Spring Break, Summer, Winter University Pre-med Programs, Other U.S. Universities, & even Foreign Universities. Go with an External Provider Volunteer / Intern If a study abroad doesn't fit your schedule, take a different route & volunteer or intern abroad Doctors without Borders Alternative Spring Break Projects Abroad General Education Requirements Great way to fulfill these requirements, especially with international culture or language requirements. You can always travel after undergrad, or when the Med School acceptace rate isn't your favor... Gap Year Programs Volunteer or Intern abroad in the health sciences field But before you pack your bags, remember planning... Talk with your advisor early! MCATs & HPAC interviews are in the Spring! American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Considers your foreign coursework transferable Volunteer efforts could even be counted as an Independent Studies credit When to take the MCAT. --Terry Candale, VP of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons There are more options than you think... Cultural Embrace
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