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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Engineering "The Basic Model of higher education that exists today was created in the 11th century, operates on a 19th century calendar, and yet is supposed to prepare students for a life in the 21st Century." 65% believe that if students don't learn a foreignlanguage, they will be at a disadvantage 57% international education is essential. 73% of Americans say that schools need to better prepare students for the global economy Only of Engineering majors go abroad! 3.5% Obstacles It's a Necessity How to Go Difficulty finding core Engineering courses abroad. Lack of institutional commitment tointernationalization. Language barriers in the field. Academic Advisors uninformed about international education opportunities. Be ahead of the Curve Lester A. Gerhardt, Dean of Engineering at Renssenlaer Polytechnic Institute, is setting up partnerships with universities around the world. Eventually, he aims to send all engineering students at RPI abroad. Engineering is no longer, just engineering Today's engineer must understand a broad scope of disciplines: economics, management, communications, languages and solid training in interdisciplinary & international affairs. Focus on Sustainability German students surprised some Americans when they put environmental issues as a top concern of their projects. "American students are concerned with cost & performance, not sustainability. Ability to Communicate & Adapt -- E. Daniel Hirleman, Director of the Global- Engineering Program at Purdue University Look at different program lengths. Academic Year, Semester, Spring Break, Summer, Winter University Engineering Programs, Other U.S. Universities, & even Foreign Universities. Volunteer / Intern If a study abroad doesn't fit your schedule, take a different route & volunteer or intern abroad Engineers without Borders Alternative Spring Break Projects Abroad General Education Requirements Great way to fulfill these requirements, especially with international culture or language requirements. You can always travel after undergrad... Gap Year Programs Work part-time in the Engineering field. But before you pack your bags, remember planning... Talk with your advisor early! Ask professors about strong engineering programs abroad They may have collegues around the world! Check if your university has an ABET-accredited program requirement. Volunteer efforts could even be counted as an Independent Studies credit Program Costs. There are more options than you think... Study Abroad: Why Majors Need to Go Specific Course Sequencing. Cultural Embrace Go with an External Provider. --John Wall, VP at Cummins Inc. "Engineering is a social exercise, and being able to relate across cultural boundaries is getting very important."
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