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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stress can be positive and negative Stress- The reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands Stressors- Anything that causes stress Stress Management Skills- Skills that help you reduce and manage stress in life Stress Response- What your body automatically does when you perceive something to be dangerous, difficult, or painful The stress response involves 3 stages:1.Alarm2. Resistance3.Fatigue Stress Response occurs regardless the type of stress your in Throughout Jacob's first 10 years of school he was a straight A student, he hardly had to study much and got 90's to 100's. Jacob Brown: Stressed Out He wanted to study medicine in college, but once he hit the 10th grade, he realized how hard life was. He started to become stressed with grades, always getting tutoring from teachers before & after school, and even having to manage his job. Then his teacher began to see how stressed he became so they suggested he go see the school council. From 10th to 12th grade he talked to the councilor, he soon realized medicine wasn't his thing, so then when college admissions came in he was offered the opportunity to do liberal arts where he learned about stuff that had his best interest which were (politics, and psychology), and from then on thats what he did for his college career S T R E S S E D Stages of Stress Management 1. Use refusal skills2. Plan ahead3. Think positively 4. Practice relaxation techniques5. Redirect your energy6. Find support Positive Stress- ex. (being excited about a special event)Negative Stress- ex. (having a busy schedule, trying to meet the demands of something) Stress Management Teens Stress About: School35% Appearance30% Family25% Friends10% Future10%
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