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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6. Strategy and Tactics used The initial news on the loss of flight MH370 wasreleased at 07:248th March, around 5 hoursafter MH370 disconnected.The delayed response creates credibility gap, Malaysia Airlines firsttackle communications online. Throughits website and social network sites, Facebook & Twitter. A 'Dark Site' iscreated to updatethose who areaffected by the crisis. First message onsocial media statedall relevant info,when it had gonemissing and howmany were onboard. In minsit was sharedover 11,000 times This was helpful,however onlinediscussion was sparked andthe company criticised The company providedlittle solid information.Rumours of inaccurate details grew. Social media sites canbe used to respond to public's concernsand monitor rumours.The company didnot use this to theiradvantage. They were unpreparedand disorganised withtheir communicationstrategy. Contradictinginformation from the Malaysian government and the airline led tochaos. The social media strategy waspoorly managedand led to greater confusion. Incorrect information was posted by boththe company andothers. Thiscreated public hysteria and a lack of confidence in the airline Bibliography reflections-on-the-malaysia-airlines-crisis-and-implications-for crisis-management-best-practice/ s_Crisis_Management_of_Missing_Flight_MH_370_on_Facebook_The_Crisis_Management_on_Social_Media_A_Case_Study_of_Malaysia_Airlines_Crisis_Management_of_Missing_Flight_MH_370_on_Facebook
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