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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Demand + Needs Analysis Strategic Strategic PoliticalCulturalGeographic locationEnvironment SocialEconomicLegislative framework+ policy Context Context Aquatics Facility Strategy Strategic PlanningMarket AnalysisFacility ProvisionService DeliveryImplementation Plan Stakeholders: Community, State / Federal Government, Facility Manager, Private Sector, Allied Health Sector, Education Sector, Councils, Industry Bodies Management model, Ownership, Vision & Mission, Strategic Directions, Risk Management, Financial Management Governance Lifestyle costs, Maintenance (Reactive,Programmed), Capital works, Service levels, Condition, Age, Compliance Asset Management Demographics, Specific population,gaps, Trends, Supply & gap analysis, Participation rates, Capacity to pay Market Segments: Leisure, Lap swimming, Competition& training, Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation, Fitness, Learn - to - swim Geographic locations, Programming, Financial(Revenues, Expenses,Fees & Charges), HumanResources, WHS, Performance management Service Delivery Facility Users: Residents, Visitors, Schools, AlliedHealth, Clubs & Associations, Specialneeds gaps, Fitness provider, Facility Design Site features, Building layout, Building elements, Material selection, Environmentally sustainable design,Universal design, Compliance FACILITY PROVISION MARKET ANALYSIS Strategic Strategic Context Context CulturalPoliticalEconomicGeographic LocationEnvironmentSocialLegislative + Policy Framework
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